It's been months since Cable ONE dropped 15 Viacom channels and they are still saying that they don't plan to bring them back. They also continue to turn a blind eye to customer complaints and have not compensated you for this significant inconvenience. If you think Cable ONE plans to bring any of your dropped channels back--think again. They have openly said that they don’t value their TV-only customers and actually only care about their subscribers who buy Internet. Cable ONE has multiple programming deals set to expire in the upcoming months with other favorites such as ESPN, Disney, Food Network, Discovery and more. This means more of your favorite channels could drop, but the price of your bill won't.

This is all too familiar for Cable ONE customers. Dropped channels, bill increases, unreliable products, and poor customer service are the standard course of business for Cable ONE. You deserve better.

Get your favorite shows back today. Call DISH at 888-656-2461 or click here for a special offer.

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Call Cable ONE today and DEMAND A REFUND!

- Call (877) 692-2253
- Do not press 2 for “no longer being able to view your Viacom channels” (because they’ll just hang up on you)
- Stay on the line and wait for a new welcome message
- Press 1 to be connected to a customer service representative



  • Call in the morning. Customer Service Reps are less busy between 9am and 12pm.
  • Call on weekdays. Customer Service Reps are unavailable on weekends.
  • Have your account number or phone number ready, as well as your address and the zip code associated with your account. Customer Service Reps will need to log your phone call and the process moves faster if they can easily find your account history.
  • Always ask for your Customer Service Rep’s name. If requesting to be transferred to a manager, be sure to get the manager’s name and title, as well. It may come in handy later if you are referencing a conversation you had with someone specific.
  • DEMAND A REFUND FROM CABLE ONE! Tell them that you plan on switching to another provider unless they fairly compensate you.  This is the only way they will take you seriously.  Do not settle for less than you feel you deserve.